Managed Discretionary Account

Quantic Asset Management offers Discretionary Account Management for investors to access the Tirthas trading strategies.

Quantic’s expertise in the field of investment comes from their passion for active management. The goal is to achieve above-average performance. The strategies available at Tirthas have been developed by the trading team at Quantic.

Time Horizon
Risk Profile

A MDA service is a licensed product which allows Quantic Asset Management to trade on your behalf using the Tirthas trading strategies.

Key features of a MDA:

  • No entry or exit fees
  • You retain ownership and control or your account and the investments at all times
  • Managers have discretion to buy and sell as per the Investment Strategy without needing the client to confirm each trade
  • Regular reporting of assets held
  • Direct Access to your Client Adviser
  • Profit based – performance fees paid on profits only
  • Complete transparency
  • Funds at call