Partner Opportunities

Tirthas is a firm believer in the true power of relationships.

For this reason we offer a number of partner opportunities where we can assist you in ‘fast tracking’ the growth of your entrepreneurial project. This includes discovering:

  • Talented Traders
  • High Performing Distributors

Tirthas aims to discover trading talent and leverage the existing infrastructure available at Quantic Asset Management to allow money managers to grow their assets under management and succeed more quickly.

We offer Professional Distributors the ability to benefit from introducing the investment strategies to their clients, find out more below.

All our distributor programs are based on the principal of mutually beneficial arrangements.

Our distributor partner program is not open to everyone simply because not everyone will have the necessary skill set to promote our services in the manner required for a service of this nature. However we believe there are people and organistaions who will share the same goal and vision we have of providing investors access to the services we provide.

If this is you we want to hear from you. If you are looking to grow a long term and potentially lucrative business and have a desire to be successful you could be perfectly suited for joining our program.

Tirthas can assist with business development and support accepted partner distributors on an ongoing basis.

All  distributor partner opportunities can be customised to suit specific situations and therefore we invite you to browse our website and put forward any ideas you have for working with us. Interested parties are urged to contact the Tirthas partnership team to discuss any potential partnership.

To contact the partners team at Tirthas visit

Tirthas works in conjunction with Quantic Asset Management and is constantly on the look out for trading talent, therefore if you have a strategy that you believe may suit our business goals we want to hear from you.

Quantic offer a ‘Trading Hub’ where you will be able to piggy back off the regulatory cover and the networks many years of experience of raising assets to successful strategies.

You can access  a proven business model for raising capital thus allowing the traders that are approved a fast track route to managing significant AUM.

As a trader you will be set targets, and these will be agreed at the time, but typically the guidelines are along the lines of:

  • Minimum capital at risk: $100,000
  • Max leverage: ideally at 5 or below
  • Standard deviation: below 20%
  • Sharpe ratio: A desirable ratio is above 2. Usually, an investment with a sharpe ratio below 1.5 is not considered interesting in terms of risk-adjusted returns.
  • De-correlation from traditional asset classes, with performances not linked to a specific benchmark.
  • Max drawdown: below 10% on a monthly basis

Interested traders are urged to contact us and provide us with a minimum 3 year track record of any proposed strategy.

To find out more about the Quantic Hub visit